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Character Creation

While all PCs will be working for the Alliance, characters may be built using options from Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny. Later on, characters may multi-class into specializations from the other games, as well. For instance, a Soldier: Medic from Age of Rebellion may take a second specialization as a Guardian from Force and Destiny or a Heavy from Edge of the Empire.

The easiest way to build a character would be to download and use this character generator:

Ogg Dude’s Character Generator

Starting Equipment

All PCs gain the following items for free:

  • Commlink
  • Two stimpacks or two emergency repair kits (if the PC is a droid)
  • Standard Alliance Spacesuit

Duty, Obligation, and Morality

Regardless of which base game is used to build the PC, the character will have Duty instead of Obligation or in addition to Morality (if the PC is force-sensitive). Each PC will begin play with 10 Duty, which may be spent to gain additional experience points or credits during character creation.

However, Duty is important during play to help a character or squad requisition items from the quartermaster without having to pay for them, so players may not want to spend all of their characters’ Duty right off the bat.

Force-sensitive characters begin play with a Morality score of 50 in addition to their starting Duty. A Jedi may adjust this score by either adding or subtracting 10 (a higher score denotes an affinity for the light side, while a low score indicates the character is headed toward the dark side) in order to begin play with one of the following items:

  • Basic lightsaber
  • Double-bladed lightsaber
  • Lightsaber pike
  • Shoto

Alternatively, a starting Jedi may adjust Morality in order to gain the Mentor discount on all starting force powers.

Starting Ship

PC’s may choose one of the following ships:
Gozanti-Class Armed Transport
HT-2200 Medium Transport
Wayfarer Medium Transport
Whichever ship is chosen, it will enter play with a fully stocked medical bay including two bacta tanks. If the party also contains droid PCs, the ship will have a fully stocked machine shop (including a complete tool kit) for droid repair including an oil bath. It will also hold 10 encumbrance worth of various spare parts to allow for emergency repairs in deep space.

In addition, if the PCs so choose, they may begin play with a Retrofitted Hanger Bay by reducing their ship’s starting number of hard points by two. If they do so, they may elect for some of their number to pilot up to two of these fighters:
Delta-7 Aethersprite Interceptor

The primary ship can never carry a fighter or ground vehicle with a silhouette greater than 3. Furthermore, the total silhouette value of all vehicles kept in the ship’s bay cannot be greater than 5 (can be upgraded up to 10 during play).


Each enlisted member of the Alliance will receive 75 credits every 14 standard days.
The squad’s leader will receive 100 credits each 14 standard days.
100 credits will be deposited into the squad’s general fund every 14 standard days.

Otherwise, the squad will have to consult the quartermaster for equipment or find alternative methods of funding.


The following factions are actively struggling for power within the Fakir sector:
Rekeene’s Roughnecks
Corporate Sector Authority
Black Sun

In addition, countless other, smaller groups try to navigate the war.


Fakir Sector

Places of Interest

Here are some important locations within the sector:
Home Base

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