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Guerilla Warfare by Blaster and Lightsaber

It has been one year since a young, inexperienced moisture farmer destroyed the most powerful piece of military hardware ever known to the galaxy. At first, the Empire reeled and pulled back their operations substantially. The Alliance took advantage of the situation to gain new independent planets and build up the fleet for a final strike. They didn’t have enough time.

A newly resurgent Empire has begun scouring the known universe in search of Alliance command. However, the rebellion is active across the galaxy, with millions of smaller units engaged in guerilla action against the imperial war machine.

One such unit exists in the Fakir sector: Rekeene’s Roughnecks. The Roughnecks’ strategy is simple. They want to draw imperial personnel and material away from the hunt for Echo Base by forcing them to deal with smaller scale rebellions across the sector.

As members of the Roughnecks, our heroes will need to secure allies, complete daring raids, and gain supplies to see the Empire laid low.

The Irregulars is a campaign for Fantasy Flight Games’ Age of Rebellion inspired by The Longshot campaign for West End Games’ Star Wars RPG.


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