Headed by Moff Lorin, who resides in his palace on Doneer’so, the Empire has had an easy time controlling the sector. Residents here mostly accepted the shift from republic to empire without incident. Those who dissented were quickly silenced—and life moved on.

There is, of course, a criminal presence within the system, but, to date, the imperials have not detected any large scale threats. Lt. Gen. Stahl, ISB has warned the powers-that-be of some chatter about Alliance operations in the sector, but his reports have been disregarded.

While the navy patrols the stars and occasionally battles pirates and smugglers, most shifts are uneventful. The navy is made up of the following:

Sector Group
1 Imperial-class star destroyer, Goliath
20 Victory-class star destroyers
250 Carrack-class light cruisers
400 CR-90 corvettes
500 Lancer-class frigates
75 Interdictor-class heavy cruisers

Due to the general peace within the sector, Moff Lorin has seen fit to loan much of his fleet to other sectors and to aid Lord Vader in the hunt for Alliance High Command. The sector group is led by Admiral Thurston, an officer removed from the front lines because his temper has been known to interfere with his judgement.


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