James' Gank Character





  • Name

Although Gank have a designation assigned to them at birth, it is done only after their communication implant is installed – which is almost immediately. The “name” itself is not spoken, and instead consists of a neurological pattern that is unique to that individual, but malleable over time. The uniqueness of the designation, and what it says about those who assigned it (it reveals a tapestry of thoughts, memories, emotions, fears, among other things), is just one of the reasons that such a designation is shared only with those who are considered close. “Family,” therefore, typically means anyone with whom a Gank would share this information. Given that Gank implants are rare outside of their own species, Gank designations are typically unknown to outsiders. This is changing, however, as Gank communication implants become more popular to the galaxy at large given their mostly private means of communication.

In Gank culture an individual simply awaits the assignation of a designation with those whom they share time. “Gank” currently has no designation other than his species, and will go by that designation, or by his assigned rank, until another is assigned through the organic nature of his squad relationships. In the past, he has been called “Private,” “Major,” “Little Rancor,” and, most surprisingly, but affectionately, “Princess” – a name first given by Kane out of annoyance, but later used as a moniker of respect when Gank’s dislike of “complications” proved useful (see “Philosophy” below).

  • History

Gank has continued a long tradition, stretching back through his extended family members, who have long worked for the Hutts. As a victim of cultural subjugation (vs. outright servitude) Gank was happy to continue in this tradition to Sinasu the Hutt. In this way, Gank became very close to squad members with whom he worked for several cycles. One of these members eventually included Xavier Kane – a human who was mostly tolerated by Gank’s team – until his prowess at subterfuge and piloting became an asset that resulted in more successful missions and greater prestige to the team. Indeed, it was Gank who first began calling Xavier by the sobriquet (see Gank names, above) he prefers to this day – “Captain.”

After several cycles of success, Ganks entire team was attacked and captured by Imperial forces when sent on a mission. Gank, watching the torture of his team and being tortured himself, was carefully making a list of whom he would kill first if he escaped. Convinced that he must have been in on the betrayal, “Captain” Kane the only individual to escape, was slowly making it to the top of that list.

Kane, unaware of the betrayal during the mission only learned of what had transpired when he returned to Hutt space. At great personal risk to himself and to his ship, he did a “well, f**k that” and returned to rescue Gank and his team. Kane successfully infiltrated the Imperial facility, but found it necessary to destroy his ship in the hangar as a distraction in order to rescue Gank. Gank, recognizing the importance of the ship to Kane, immediately realized that the betrayal was not his. In true Star Wars fashion, Kane was then captured while Gank was able to avoid pursuit. However, Kane’s capture did not last long as Gank returned and, lacking the subterfuge or temperament exhibited by Kane, simply crashed the party by attacking outright despite having no weapons or armor. It was at this time that Gank lost his arm. The two still managed to escape, and the arm was eventually replaced with a repulsor fist. Kane and Gank have simply had an unspoken respect and an agreement to watch one another’s backs since that time.

Upon his escape Gank learned that his team was ruthlessly sacrificed by Sinasu in order to further Imperial interests in exchange for a heating upgrade in the Hutt’s throne. Upon learning of this betrayal, Gank undertook an oath to kill Sinasu and any other Hutts and their lackeys, as well as an oath to bring about the destruction of the Empire – or at least indiscriminately kill as many Imperials as possible. As far as Gank and Kane know, they were the only ones to survive the Imperial capture.

After some time at odd jobs that just managed to keep them alive, Kane eventually proposed that the two begin work for the Alliance – mainly because both were now on the radar of the Empire, the Alliance provided a possible avenue of gear acquisition, and because it presented the opportunity of getting/earning credits. Kane was able to persuade Gank by simply reminding him that it would likely offer many opportunities to kill Imperials – and maybe the occasional Hutt or Hutt lackeys.

Having lost his armor to the Imperials, Gank has fashioned a mask and “fake” armor to both emphasize his shame at the loss of his squad mates and to maintain his cultural tradition. He currently plans to regain functional armor as a measure of his own self-imposed need for redemption. Gank currently has some “bald” patches in his fur (upper left thigh, left chest, over left “eyebrow,” and lower back) that were the result of Imperial torture when he was their prisoner. Though he resisted the torture (which seemed aimed more at determining the best way to torture a Gank vs. seeking actual information), he is unable to “shed” (haha) his cultural mores regarding bald patches. Thus, the “fake” armor also serves to hide his shame in other ways.

  • Personality

Gank is more unique among his kind in that he is more comfortable speaking/verbalizing – though, like most Ganks, he still prefers communication through his implant. Having lost his squad mates, his connection to his culture, and his connection to his extended family, he places great importance upon the well-being of his squad, his relationships with them, and, overall, his need to protect those about whom he cares. Gank is more than willing to celebrate and “let down his fur” with others when appropriate.

Gank continues the tradition of his culture in the collection of trophies when he has made exceptional or meaningful kills. Given that Gank now engages with many species, he was unable to think of a particular body part that would be consistent (not all species have ears, eyes, fingers, etc.). Gank therefore took to simply collecting small strips of flesh/epidermis/exo-skeleton as meaningful memorabilia. It was only after Kane’s discouragement and his explanation of cultural and social mores held by many other sentient species, that Gank began to instead collect insignia (rank or otherwise) as memorabilia when possible. He is now more circumspect in collecting flesh when insignia are not available, and is less likely to “display” his collection to others. Gank noticed a startling increase in positive social interactions with others after doing so.

  • Philosophy

Gank is well known for disliking “complications” in general, but particularly in the field. In fact, he would say that, with the exception of Sinasu/Hutts and anything Imperial, “Complications” are third on his list for things he absolutely hates. His field/mission philosophy is typically to first point out any complications and work with his squad to eliminate as many as possible before a mission. He will still hate any remaining complications, but realizes that some cannot be planned around.

Gank, much like his ancestors, wishes to improve his own physical and mental capabilities through the utilization of cybernetics. He has no qualms with making additions to, or even parting with portions of his organic self so long as it improves his ability to better serve his squad/mission(s), and more ruthlessly carry out his Imperial/Hutt vendetta. For this reason, Gank is not particularly “attached” (haha) to aspects of his physical self, so long as his thoughts – what he considers his true self – remain his own.

Loyalty is one of the most meaningful attributes that Gank can imagine, and the giving of loyalty one of the most meaningful actions. Gank is aware that most do not recognize his decision to join the Alliance for what it was – the promise of loyalty to the organization. Within his hierarchy of loyalty is first the teams direct superior, Gen. Lens Rekeene, followed by Kane, the rest of his “team,” and then Alliance in general. Gank uses this hierarchy as a gauge for his own actions – “Will the General be protected by my actions? Will the General be pleased with my actions? Will the General be helped by my actions? Will I respect the General’s loyalty with my actions?” – followed by the same set of questions for each order in his hierarchy. The General, though she serves the Alliance, therefore takes precedence, unless a contraindication can be found in Gank’s judgement. This order is therefore not strict and Gank realizes that there is still much to decide and judge for himself. However, loyalty remains his central tenet – even if it means taking temporary setbacks with any eye towards later corrective recourse (e.g., avoiding capture in order to affect a later rescue, “living to fight another day,” etc.).


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