Capt. Xavier Kane

Human Smuggler - Pilot/Scoundrel/Gunslinger


Age – 33
Build – Average
Height – 1.85 m
Hair – Black
Eyes – Brown

“I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money”


Xavier Kane was born in New Vertica, on the Hutt controlled moon of Nar Shadaa. Kane’s father, Rameus was a renowned pilot and smuggler who worked in the service of the Gorensla Hutt Clan. For many years his father smuggled guns, spice and slaves successfully for Sinasu the Hutt and the Gorensla Clan.
On one of his largest and most dangerous runs, Rameus was pursued and cornered by the Empire. Seeing no other options, he reluctantly dumped his priceless cargo into deep space.
Upon returning to Nar Shadaa, Rameus was called before Sinasu the Hutt, leader of Gorensla’s Nar Shadaa operations to explain his actions and to repay his debt to the clan for “recklessly” dumping his cargo. Unable to pay the sizable debt, Rameus gave his wife and only son to the Gorensla Clan as payment of his debt. Rameus then disappeared into the Outer Rim and was not heard from again. Kane’s mother died penniless and heartbroken as a result of her slavery. Kane however, flourished in his new found surroundings. He spent his early years in the Gorensla Clan as a courier, making many smuggling runs on the surface of Nar Shadaa.
As Kane got older, it became clear that he was a naturally skilled pilot. Sinasu the Hutt, realizing Kane’s aptitude, gave him his own ship and greater responsibility within the Gorensla Clan. Although used, rundown and often on the brink of failure, Kane quickly fell in love with his ship.
Kane began to pilot for many of the Sinasu’s best smuggling crews in both Hutt and Imperial Space. His knowledge of the Hutt Space trade routes was second to none. It is widely rumored that Kane was such an excellent pilot that he never failed to deliver his cargo despite the odds.
Kane eventually teamed up with the legendary mercenary, simply known as Gank and his crew. Kane’s superior piloting skills, ability to outrun pirates and the Empire, as well as his ability to talk his way out of many “Imperial entanglements” were a huge asset to his new crew.
In what still remains a mystery, Gank’s crew was betrayed by Sinasu the Hutt and essentially given up to the Empire. Kane, unaware of the betrayal during the mission, only learned of what had transpired when he returned to Hutt Space. Gank and his crew were mercilessly tortured by the Empire’s operatives. Initially, Gank presumed that Kane was part of the betrayal and swore vengeance on him, Sinasu the Hutt and the Empire.
At great personal risk to himself and to his ship, Kane said, “well, fuck that” and returned to rescue Gank and his team. Kane successfully “infiltrated” the Imperial facility, but found it necessary to blow up his ship in the hangar as a distraction to rescue Gank after locating him. Kane was then captured while Gank was able to avoid pursuit. However, Kane’s capture did not last long as Gank returned to crash the party.
Kane and Gank, now presumed dead by both the Gorensla Clan and the Empire, live on the fringes of society. They eventually joined up with a new crew and ship called the Quicksilver.
While Gank is motivated by revenge against the Empire and Sinasu the Hutt, Kane holds no such feelings. He realized early in his life that his father’s actions, and his service to the Gorensla Clan, as well as his mothers death and his ultimate betrayal to the Empire was not personal and was based solely on the most powerful force in the galaxy, credits. It is the price of doing business outside of the Empire’s rule.
As a result, Kane’s only motivation is wealth. With wealth comes power, and with power comes the freedom to make your own choices. He hopes to one day own his own ship again and travel the galaxy living by his own rules.

Capt. Xavier Kane

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