Fakir Sector

The Fakir sector is located within the Bakchou Arm of the colonies, in between the core worlds and the mid-rim. It has been civilized for millennia and currently contains more than 150 colonized worlds, many of which contain heavy industry.

While the area is wealthy, it is close enough to the core worlds to have been safe from the war between the Alliance and the Empire until recently. During the Battle of Yavin, the majority of the sector’s fleet was sent to other sectors to aid in what most officers believed would be a mop-up campaign. Rekeene’s Roughnecks infiltrated the sector during the lull, and now (1 ABY), they are prepared to begin operations.

The sector is ruled by, Moff Lorin , who is based on Doneer’so

It contains the following systems:
Abonshee System
Alabash System
Callonia System
Doneer’so System
Fakir System
Flankers System

Fakir Sector

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