Silus Pennymoor

Corporate Sector Authority Delegate


Bred for leadership, Silus Pennymoor was raised at the finest boarding schools in the Republic. Early on, he learned that real power did not come from force of arms; no, it came from coin. After the Trade Federation fell, he saw opportunity to influence the new order within their territories, and so he applied for a position when the organization was (literally) bleeding management.

Having been in good standing with the Corporate Sector Authority, Pennymoor determined that it would be lucrative to expand the group’s influence into territory lost in the early years of the Empire. Thus, he has traveled to Doneer’so.

While Pennymoor has a standing meeting with Moff Lorin, these meetings mostly consist of friendly noises that do not lead to action. Though frustrated, Pennymoor has changed tacks to focus on influencing those who actually do influence the moff.


Silus Pennymoor

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