Moff Lorin

Imperial leader of Fakir sector


Moff Lorin comes from an old family, well-known on Coruscant. He was active in the Republic and became an early supporter of Palpatine soon after finishing school, acting as a lobbyist and ensuring the Chancellor’s plans got the proper rubber stamp from the senate.

After the Separatists were defeated and the Jedi revealed as traitors and destroyed, Lorin received what many believed was a cushy position in a quiet sector of the colonies. He became moff of the Fakir sector.

Most citizens in the sector cared more about business and economics than politics, and so they quickly accepted the new power structure. Lorin began preparing for a more lucrative position by using his influence to help other, struggling sectors and collect favors. When the senate was disbanded, Lorin knew his gambit would pay off in time.


Moff Lorin

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