Mikka Rekeene

Chief Engineer


Acting as Chief Engineer of the Roughnecks, Mikka is quick to meet with all pilots and/or squad leaders to ensure their vessels are maintained and sometimes upgraded—should the Roughnecks have the material to make said upgrades possible. He also advises Gen. Lens Rekeene and is officially her second-in-command. While MIkka is an empathetic man, it is clear that he is more used to dealing with machines than sentient beings, and so his manner can be awkward.

He is a true believer in the Rebel cause and is active on the holonet throughout the sector, where he makes contacts with potentially like-minded individuals. From the safety of his anonymous terminal, Mikka works to recruit new members of the Roughnecks. He understands the ISB scours the holonet to trace his connection, but so far he has remained several steps ahead of them.


Mikka worked for Sartran corporation repairing droids before what he considered a—somewhat subversive—prank landed him in the Imperial prisons. He met Lens there, and their fates became entwined.

His incarceration solidified his outlook, and Mikka used some of his connections to find an Alliance recruiter and join the team. When Lens was released, he talked her into joining as well. Her success has been his success, though he still thinks of himself as her protector should the Empire find them out.

Mikka Rekeene

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