Lt. Gen. Stahl, ISB

Head of ISB, Fakir Sector


Coming from an old political family on Coruscant, Stahl used his family connections to obtain a relatively safe commission within the ISB. Once within the organization, he found that he enjoyed the power inherent in learning everyone’s secrets. He discovered that the juiciest morsels could be found in peaceful areas, and so he used his family connections once again to land a post within the placidity of the colonies—the Fakir sector—where he was sure he would have an easy post while discovering everyone’s dirty laundry.

Furthermore, Stahl has always enjoyed the finer things, and Doneer’so is home to a renowned opera. Always willing to mix business with pleasure, Stahl impressed several singers into Imperial service soon after his arrival three years ago. Unfortunately, they were not good spies, and he has since learned that all the information they have gathered has been meant for him, that it was mis- and disinformation. However, they are still useful.

Luckily, Stahl has more capable agents in the field, and he is becoming aware that the Alliance may be trying to infiltrate the sector. Thus, he has placed agents in positions where they will likely make contact with such a group. Though he alerted Moff Lorin as soon as he heard the rumors, so far sector command has done nothing but demand more evidence. In light of the recent Death Star tragedy, Stahl is looking to expand his web before it is too late.


Lt. Gen. Stahl, ISB

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