IG-88 "Iggy"

Droid Bounty Hunter-Assassin


Manufacturer – Holowan Laboratories
Product Line – IG-Series
Class – Assassin Droid

Technical Specifications:
Height – 1.96 meters
Gender – Masculine Programming
Sensor Color – Red
Plating Color – Black


IG-88 or “Iggy” as he is known is a droid bounty hunter. He is a gifted sniper with a knack for one shot assassinations.

Not much is known of IG-88.325’s past, even for himself. All he knows is when he was activated. He was found by the rebel alliance scouting for possible outposts. IG-88.325 was in standby mode and had been in standby for at least 4 years but with no memory of prior. The Rebel Alliance believes he is what remains of one of the original 4 IG-88 droids but modified. All Iggy knows is he is good at killing and lives by the motto “Every body has a price.” The Rebel Alliance used this knowledge and promised him money, equipment, and fame for assisting them in defeating the Empire.

IG-88 "Iggy"

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