Gen. Lens Rekeene

Leader of Roughnecks


As leader of the Roughnecks, Lens has final word on who can serve and what missions they may perform. With a background in low-intensity warfare, she has chosen to organize her command into disparate cells who know little about each other. However, she makes sure all of them know her.

To that end, she meets with each squad every time it enters Home Base and debriefs it. In addition, she personally contacts each squad to brief members on new missions. She also feels it is up to her to meet out discipline should such action become necessary. Based on her comments and demeanor, it is assumed that, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and lead from the front if the mission demands it.

Her husband, Mikka Rekeene, sometimes chides her, saying she makes herself too great of a target should one of the cells divulge information, but Lens feels it is the only way to ensure the loyalty of her soldiers.


General Rekeene has been in the military since first coming of age in 36 BBY. While the Clone Wars raged throughout the galaxy, she served within a mercenary unit, trying to stay away from the ideological clash between Separatists and the Republic while still satisfying her need for adventure. In 10 BBY, she was imprisoned by the Empire, and there she met Mikka Rekeene, who was being held “Undermining the Culture” of his home planet by causing droids to randomly spout anti-Imperial slogans throughout town.

As their relationship grew, she came to share his views on the Empire and the need for justice throughout the galaxy. He was released before her, but when she gained her freedom in 5 BBY, Mikka found her and brought her into the nascent Alliance. With her previous experience, she quickly moved up the ranks.

Gen. Lens Rekeene

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