Duvrae Onyx

Leader of Black Sun operations, Fakir Sector


Duvrae Onyx made her bones in the lower levels of Coruscant with a small crew working to bring in an illegal species for wealthy clients in the upper levels. When the deal went south, Onyx was quick to rectify matters with her blaster (set to stun) and generous applications of caustic waste. As she advanced through the ranks, she proved herself to have a keen sense of business and organization. While she doesn’t actually instill respect in her subordinates, fear works just as well for her purposes.

In the Fakir sector, she has hit a brick wall. Without any other threats to the Empire, the ISB has nothing better to do than go after her organization. Thus, she understands that a new player has to be brought onto the scene. If one doesn’t appear on its own, Onyx is happy to devote funds to creating something appropriate.


Duvrae Onyx

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