Admiral Thurston


Admiral Thurston achieved his first command just prior to the Battle of Coruscant. Fighting for the Republic, Thurstan led brilliantly. Some of the maneuvers he created for his Consular-class frigate are still taught in the Imperial Naval Academy today.

However, after Separatist High Command went into hiding and the mop-up campaign began, Thurston developed a penchant for cruelty that made him reckless. During one battle, he ordered his ship to pick off the escape pods of a destroyed Trade Federation mother ship. The action left his own ship open to attack, and Thurston was one of few survivors.

With such a black mark on his record, Thurston was relegated to less strenuous command posts even while his reputation at the academy meant he was due promotion. After a series of increasingly less interesting posts, Thurston came into his own as Admiral of the Fakir Sector Group. So far, he has been devastating against the odd pirate fleet bold enough to travel so close to the core.


Admiral Thurston

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