The Irregulars

Gank's Downtime

Gank runs solitary drills after the team's first mission.

Overheard in the mess hall – a dialogue between 2 soldiers sitting across from one another:

>Soldier 1: While picking at something resembling grits “I’m glad he’s on our side and all, but that Gank is crazy.”
> Soldier 2: “He’s been interrupting your crew as well? Jansen said that he’s been interrupting them also. That guy must not sleep at all.”
> Soldier 1: Taking an experimental bite. “Damn. Didn’t realize that. He’s just been in that commandeered shuttle running the same drills over and over again.”
> Soldier 2: “Yeah, I know, right? Just storming the cargo bay from the airlock and punching the hell out of stuff. Same for you?”
> Soldier 1: “Same for us too. Keeps muttering about how he could miss ‘punching something’ storms the place, and then makes another attack further back. Over. And. Over.”
> Soldier 2: “’Course, he has slept; he just sleeps on the floor, wakes up, and gets back to it.”
> Soldier 1: “He’s got the safeties turned off as well, so he keeps taking hits from the practice droids.”
> Soldier 2: “He’s gonna need some serious time in a tank after this.”
> Soldier 1: “If he just had actual armor, it’d help some.”
> Soldier 2: “Well, he’s got that silly helmet on now, at least.”
> Soldier 1: “Wish he’d just get some ‘real’ armor. Not sure what that fake armor is about. Maybe a cultural thing?”
> Soldier 2: “Yeah, dunno. Kind of embarrassed for the guy sometimes. Looks a bit ridiculous. Not that I’d tell him that.”
> Soldier 1: “If General Rekeene hadn’t told us to just be patient…well, I’d probably not interfere anyway. But he seems to be taking it a bit seriously if you ask me.”
> Soldier 3: Approaching the table w/ a food tray. “Have you guys heard about that crazy Gank hanging out on the captured shuttle…?”



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