The Irregulars


Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

= 160824 =

  • Mibar – Volcanic planet.
  • Vigil class corvette
  • multiple bases to launch tie fighters
  • prisoners brought in on gozonti class cruisers
  • Mission:
  • Get imperial transponder
  • infiltrate detention facility
  • Ensign Leo Algernon
  • City of Iverson on “D’nir So”
  • 20-30 days to complete mission.
  • After this time they will realize that the ISB agent is missing.
  • Doneer’So:
  • Capital of Iverson:
  • Lots of trade.
  • Could use standard MO to infiltrate.
  • Ensign Algernon works @ fleet command
  • Fleet command located in Capital Building


  • Heading to Doneer’So:

To be rescued:

  • Captain Bly
  • Lt. Skaarsgaraad



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