The Irregulars


Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

(Notes Incomplete)
= 160816 =

  • Meeting w/ Gen. Rekeene
  • Kirti Hasor has sent a message:
  • ISB are “on to her”
  • Has a safe house in “Makel”
  • Team decides to attempt to rescue or kill Kirti to keep Alliance information from falling into the hands of the Empire.
  • Land on planet.
  • Go to rendezvous point.
  • Attacked by Imperial agents who seem to be in wait.
  • Comm Link and datapad acquired by Kane:
  • ISB has eyes on this location. Escaped through hatch in shower. My next stop is data.”
  • “coordinates for a safehouse on Kr’yll 7, in the Callonia system”



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