The Irregulars


Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

= The Irregulars: SWRPG Journal – 160809 =

  • The crew agrees to retrieve a hard-drive from an Imperial listening post.
  • The Plan:
  • It is decided that Kane will pilot the ship while everyone else infiltrates the post.
  • Kane will then land the ship.
  • The Execution:
  • Gank slams open the airlock pushing the team into freefall.
  • After a somewhat rough landing, the team remains healthy.
  • Jaeryth stealthily approaches while Iggy positions himself to protect Jaeryth.
  • Gank and Nox wait to approach as they realize they were detected.
  • The hangar is infiltrated and battle ensues.
  • The hard drive is recovered.
  • However, the tie fighters that had circled the planet are gone.
  • In addition, the Imperial Intelligence Officer escaped through a “bolt hole” with an escape pod.
  • The crew searched the facility.
  • Gank took two random CPU cores/servers.
  • Kane takes 2 heavy blasters.
  • The crew goes after the escape pod.
  • The escape pod is destroyed (can’t be recovered as it is too close to the planet).
  • The two remaining tie fighters engage and battle ensues.



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