The Irregulars


Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

= The Irregulars: Campaign Journal – 160802 =

  • The party approaches the cabin on foot after parking the van down the road.
  • It was unclear what security measures might have been had by the van.
  • Iggy and Doc are immediately spotted upon approach and challenged.
  • The Capt. attempts stealth, but falls down a hill and struggles to climb back up.
  • Gank rushes the lead Trandoshan after Doc is threatened.
  • Iggy attempts to snipe.
  • He hits.
  • Iggy then dodges a return volley.
  • Doc uses a maneuver to pick up his discarded gun.
  • More folly and combat ensues.
  • Gank takes critical damage (41-45 – Bowled Over)
  • Doc does a mechanics check on Iggy, healing 1 strain and 1 wound.
  • More stuff.
  • Fight wraps up and Harken Baer is captured.
  • Baddie (Harken Baer) gives up the name of his contact:
  • Kirti Hasor – Imperial Agent handling Hasoor.
  • Hasoor delivered to Black Sun operative who offered the bounty.



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