The Irregulars

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- There is a proposed vulnerability in the prison. Hutt origin of the vulnerability.
- Lieutenant Remius Krull is assigned by the ISB to investigate the vulnerability. Jaeryth has an imperial background for itself.
- Datapad forge the documents
- You have a contingent of four bounty hunters

Actual Events
- We break into the CPU, we incapacitate the entire facility, and we capture many of them alive.

- Misol 3
- Doneer So

Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

= 160824 =

  • Mibar – Volcanic planet.
  • Vigil class corvette
  • multiple bases to launch tie fighters
  • prisoners brought in on gozonti class cruisers
  • Mission:
  • Get imperial transponder
  • infiltrate detention facility
  • Ensign Leo Algernon
  • City of Iverson on “D’nir So”
  • 20-30 days to complete mission.
  • After this time they will realize that the ISB agent is missing.
  • Doneer’So:
  • Capital of Iverson:
  • Lots of trade.
  • Could use standard MO to infiltrate.
  • Ensign Algernon works @ fleet command
  • Fleet command located in Capital Building


  • Heading to Doneer’So:

To be rescued:

  • Captain Bly
  • Lt. Skaarsgaraad
Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

(Notes Incomplete)
= 160816 =

  • Meeting w/ Gen. Rekeene
  • Kirti Hasor has sent a message:
  • ISB are “on to her”
  • Has a safe house in “Makel”
  • Team decides to attempt to rescue or kill Kirti to keep Alliance information from falling into the hands of the Empire.
  • Land on planet.
  • Go to rendezvous point.
  • Attacked by Imperial agents who seem to be in wait.
  • Comm Link and datapad acquired by Kane:
  • ISB has eyes on this location. Escaped through hatch in shower. My next stop is data.”
  • “coordinates for a safehouse on Kr’yll 7, in the Callonia system”
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= The Irregulars: SWRPG Journal – 160809 =

  • The crew agrees to retrieve a hard-drive from an Imperial listening post.
  • The Plan:
  • It is decided that Kane will pilot the ship while everyone else infiltrates the post.
  • Kane will then land the ship.
  • The Execution:
  • Gank slams open the airlock pushing the team into freefall.
  • After a somewhat rough landing, the team remains healthy.
  • Jaeryth stealthily approaches while Iggy positions himself to protect Jaeryth.
  • Gank and Nox wait to approach as they realize they were detected.
  • The hangar is infiltrated and battle ensues.
  • The hard drive is recovered.
  • However, the tie fighters that had circled the planet are gone.
  • In addition, the Imperial Intelligence Officer escaped through a “bolt hole” with an escape pod.
  • The crew searched the facility.
  • Gank took two random CPU cores/servers.
  • Kane takes 2 heavy blasters.
  • The crew goes after the escape pod.
  • The escape pod is destroyed (can’t be recovered as it is too close to the planet).
  • The two remaining tie fighters engage and battle ensues.
Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

= The Irregulars: Campaign Journal – 160802 =

  • The party approaches the cabin on foot after parking the van down the road.
  • It was unclear what security measures might have been had by the van.
  • Iggy and Doc are immediately spotted upon approach and challenged.
  • The Capt. attempts stealth, but falls down a hill and struggles to climb back up.
  • Gank rushes the lead Trandoshan after Doc is threatened.
  • Iggy attempts to snipe.
  • He hits.
  • Iggy then dodges a return volley.
  • Doc uses a maneuver to pick up his discarded gun.
  • More folly and combat ensues.
  • Gank takes critical damage (41-45 – Bowled Over)
  • Doc does a mechanics check on Iggy, healing 1 strain and 1 wound.
  • More stuff.
  • Fight wraps up and Harken Baer is captured.
  • Baddie (Harken Baer) gives up the name of his contact:
  • Kirti Hasor – Imperial Agent handling Hasoor.
  • Hasoor delivered to Black Sun operative who offered the bounty.
Gank's Downtime
Gank runs solitary drills after the team's first mission.

Overheard in the mess hall – a dialogue between 2 soldiers sitting across from one another:

>Soldier 1: While picking at something resembling grits “I’m glad he’s on our side and all, but that Gank is crazy.”
> Soldier 2: “He’s been interrupting your crew as well? Jansen said that he’s been interrupting them also. That guy must not sleep at all.”
> Soldier 1: Taking an experimental bite. “Damn. Didn’t realize that. He’s just been in that commandeered shuttle running the same drills over and over again.”
> Soldier 2: “Yeah, I know, right? Just storming the cargo bay from the airlock and punching the hell out of stuff. Same for you?”
> Soldier 1: “Same for us too. Keeps muttering about how he could miss ‘punching something’ storms the place, and then makes another attack further back. Over. And. Over.”
> Soldier 2: “’Course, he has slept; he just sleeps on the floor, wakes up, and gets back to it.”
> Soldier 1: “He’s got the safeties turned off as well, so he keeps taking hits from the practice droids.”
> Soldier 2: “He’s gonna need some serious time in a tank after this.”
> Soldier 1: “If he just had actual armor, it’d help some.”
> Soldier 2: “Well, he’s got that silly helmet on now, at least.”
> Soldier 1: “Wish he’d just get some ‘real’ armor. Not sure what that fake armor is about. Maybe a cultural thing?”
> Soldier 2: “Yeah, dunno. Kind of embarrassed for the guy sometimes. Looks a bit ridiculous. Not that I’d tell him that.”
> Soldier 1: “If General Rekeene hadn’t told us to just be patient…well, I’d probably not interfere anyway. But he seems to be taking it a bit seriously if you ask me.”
> Soldier 3: Approaching the table w/ a food tray. “Have you guys heard about that crazy Gank hanging out on the captured shuttle…?”

Corrections or additions appreciated :-)

= 160719 =

  • Kappa class shuttle
  • Cirnas in that system
  • 2 day resupply
  • Impulse through half the system
  • Sargon’s Pass in the Asteroid belt
  • 7 days total including 2 in the asteroid belt
  • Need to steal the gear from the ship
  • Crate of 100 blaster rifles
  • 100 heavy blaster rifles
  • 800 charge packs
  • 100 light repeating blasters
  • 80 hvy repeating blasters
  • Staffed by cpt. grom-mule
  • 2 tie pilots
  • Imperial army officer
  • 2 squads of troopers
  • Send msg to home base and coordinates for rendezvous will be sent.


  • 24 frag grenades
  • 6 to Gank
  • 12 blaster rifles
  • 1 heavy blaster rifle
  • 3 light blaster pistols
  • 1 to Jaeryth
  • 1 to Gank
  • 12 Imperial Army Helmets
  • 1 to Gank
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